Special presses

BOLDRINI'S manufacturing line includes specially designed hydraulic presses with one or more independent cylinders used for folding, straightening and accurate shaping of components for navy, aircraft and aerospace applications.
Hydroforming and/or Air Forming Presses, used for multiple purposes, with extremely high productivity and quality standards, are also available. For shipyard manufacturing components, the C Frame Press with multiple cylinders is the best option. Portal Presses, where both upper and lower die holding tables are able to move along the "X" Axis and rotate on the "Y" Axis simultaneously and/or independently,are also part of the unique BOLDRINI custom range.

Double cylinder (vertical and horizontal) Shipyard Press POCC 300/150
Hydraulic Shipyard Press with translating and revolving tables POTC 600x5000
Cold Deep Drawing Press POC 2500 Ton with blank holder 700 Ton
Triple cylinder Press (750+375+375 Ton) for shipyard PAO 3C 1500T