Plate bending rolls

Since the 1950's, BOLDRINI has designed and produced the world's largest Plate Bending Rolls servicing the major worldwide manufacturers of pressure vessels for power generation and petrochemical industries. BOLDRINI specializes in heavy duty plate rolling equipment which are available in several different options including 3 – 4 roll configuration, pyramidal, variable geometry and pre-stressed designs. The entire standard range includes the possibility of forming the shells in both cold and hot conditions; capacities up to 250mm cold or 450mm hot with a force of 9000 Ton.

Variable pitch Bending Roll PSI 3200x150. Year 1974
Variable pitch Bending Roll PSIT 3000 x 160 with 6300 Ton of power and 860 Ton of weight
Four rolls pyramidal Bending Roll P4RY/T 3000x72
Cone rolling on BOLDRINI P4RY/T 3000x72