PAO presses

Heads of any size can be manufactured with our Portal Frame Presses which range from 150 to 5000 Ton. All BOLDRINI presses are equipped with state of the art handling devices for cold and hot manipulation of blanks up to 11000mm diameter and over 100mm in thickness. Special equipment for automatic petal manipulation gives our customers the ability to produce hemispheres and extremely large heads by segments.
BOLDRINI'S unique and innovative automatic playback system enables precise and continuous repetition of large series head production: multiple presses can be run simultaneously by a single operator. A BOLDRINI Press is known worldwide for its high speed, including approach, return and particularly, pressure build-up timing, resulting in a substantial increase in head production.

Press PAO 200x3600 with manipulator MSF/25x3500
Press PAO 400x4100 with manipulator MSF/55x4000
Press PAO 800x8600 with manipulator MSF/270x8500
Press PAO 1000x9100 with manipulator MSF/270x9000